Jeevan Aryal

Application Support Engineer
Jeevan Aryal

Jeevan brings a diverse range of skills to the CRE8IVE team as an Application Support Engineer.

Acting as the crucial liaison between the C8 development team and clients, Jeevan excels as the technical point of contact, ensuring effective communication and thorough analysis of client requests.

Technically proficient in a wide range of operating systems, programming languages, web technologies and network protocols, Jeevan leverages his expertise in digital ecosystems to monitor the performance of CRE8IVE’s products and services. He analyses user feedback and behaviour to identify areas for improvement, aiming to reduce user friction and maximise user satisfaction. Jeevan’s data-driven decision- making skills enable him to translate complex metrics into actionable insights, fuelling strategic enhancements.

Driven by the excitement of delivering digital solutions that positively impact users, Jeevan leverages his analytical and adventurous nature to provide this positive experience. Having started his career as a pharmacist, Jeevan brings a high degree of precision and excellence to every project.