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Website design and content management for GovCMS

As one of a handful of authorised providers on the Drupal Services Panel, CRE8IVE are authorised by Department of Finance to design, build and migrate websites for the GovCMS platform. This highly-secure platform is specifically designed to meet the requirements of Australian government agencies and departments.

We have a team of skilled local developers who are experienced in the development of high quality, intuitive and functional websites for Australian Government entities. We are a trusted design partner to many government agencies including Dept of Finance and DFAT.

Why Gov CMS
Reliable and always up

GovCMS boasts a robust infrastructure that ensures optimal uptime and reliability. This means that government agencies can trust their websites to be consistently available to the public, avoiding potential disruptions and ensuring uninterrupted service to citizens.

24/7 Monitoring with critical assistance

With round-the-clock monitoring, GovCMS ensures that any potential issues or anomalies are detected promptly. Moreover, in the rare event of a problem, agencies can rely on immediate and critical assistance, ensuring swift resolutions and minimal downtime.

Accessibility compliant and meeting WCAG 2.0 guidelines:

Accessibility is paramount for government websites, catering to a broad and diverse audience. GovCMS is compliant with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, ensuring that websites are usable by individuals with disabilities, promoting inclusivity, and meeting legal and ethical standards.

Safe, secure, supported

In a world with increasing cyber threats, GovCMS stands out as a platform that prioritizes safety and security. Its locked-down environment, coupled with regular updates and patches, ensures that sensitive data is protected. Additionally, agencies have a support network to guide them through any challenges.

Part of the Drupal Community

Being rooted in Drupal, one of the world's most popular open-source CMS platforms, GovCMS benefits from a global community of developers, designers, and experts. This means constant improvements, a wealth of extensions, and a vast pool of knowledge, ensuring that GovCMS remains cutting-edge and adaptable to evolving needs.

Always adhering to best practice

GovCMS is more than just a platform; it's a commitment to excellence. Every feature, design decision, and security protocol is guided by industry best practices. Agencies can have peace of mind knowing that their websites are not just compliant, but also optimized for performance, security, and user experience.

Leading-edge design and best practice

Our websites are developed to meet current and future requirements, delivering an extensible solution that caters to complex multi-user environments. We design in line with the approved Federal Government standards and provide hosting and support via a fully managed service or a stand-alone AWS instance, adhering to Australian Government security policies and accessibility standards WCAG 2.0.


Leading-edge design and best practice

Enhanced training and support

Recognising the importance of immediate user uptake and engagement, CRE8IVE offers tailored training sessions and modules to ensure that our client teams are trained to manage their GovCMS website and content management systems. This empowers our clients to manage their website content with ease and to maintain a consistent online presence. We offer ongoing support and an SLA-based agreement.

Delivering Excellence

Robust security underpins every design

With security as utmost importance for government agencies, we adhere to the latest Australian Government security policies and meet the highest accessibility standards to ensure that everyone can access and benefit from the site content.

We employ best-practice security measures and features to protect your digital solution and data from threats.


Delivering the very best

Our broader business team is committed to delivering high-quality solutions that meet the needs of our clients. We work with a highly transparent, agile model, providing open and regular communication, ensuring that requirements and expectations are met throughout every step of the process.

Our Drupal-certified developers are highly proficient in a wide range of platforms and technologies. The experience we bring to each project enables us to generate exceptional results.

We are dedicated to delivering projects within the agreed timelines and budget, and we strive to exceed our client's expectations at every phase of a project.

Working together to produce the best results   
We closely collaborate with your team to comprehend your objectives, business challenges, and needs. We can work with you to develop a solution that satisfies your unique requirements and achieves the results you are hoping for.

We place a high value on service and regular collaboration, giving clients the confidence that our designs will be suited to your requirements and delivered according to planned timelines.

C8 Digital - Delivering the very best

Built-in accessibility

Given the importance of making digital solutions accessible to all people, we incorporate accessibility into everything we do, adhering to accessibility guidelines.

C8 Digital - Accessibility

Integration with other platforms

We integrate your digital solution with other technology platforms and systems to make sure it works flawlessly within your present infrastructure. We have the expertise to migrate existing data and ensure that your systems are interacting and optimised for interoperability.

Integration with other platforms
How can C8 DIGITAL help you along your journey?
Requirements-based pricing

Each government department has its own unique objectives, data, stakeholders, users and requirements. We scope each project to accommodate the specific needs for the business. We can provide functionality in stages or build for future bolt-ons. Our costings are transparent, providing more than one option where appropriate.

Planning with your team

We involve your team at every level of the planning process to ensure that everyone is on the same page with the project objectives, due dates, and deliverables. We take great care to keep our clients informed and engaged at every step of the process. We also collaborate closely with the GovCMS support team to ensure a seamless transition to the platform.


We offer ongoing support to keep your digital solution current and secure. We provide a variety of support channels including phone, email, and online support. We can support your current solution across the GovCMS SaaS and PaaS models.