AAA - My Airport Career

My Airport Career is a guide to a career in the airport sector. Hear from people working in airports, explore the types of careers available and find job opportunities in related areas. Prepare to take off towards a fulfilling and exciting journey in the airport sector with My Airport Career.

Project Scope
UI & UX Development
Drupal website
Non-Government Organisation

Executive Summary

A strategic approach and execution of an integrated digital campaign for Australian Airports Association, aimed at enhancing its tactical communications to better align with its broader business objectives - How do we bringing people back to the Airport industry. One of the project's main goal was to introduce the "My Airport Career" sub-brand. Through a collaborative discovery process, innovative strategy development, and agile implementation, the project successfully delivered a cohesive digital experience that resonated with AAA's diverse audience.


1.    To develop an in-depth understanding of AAA's business objectives and target audience.
2.    To enhance the branding and market positioning of AAA's sub-brands (My Airport Career).
3.    To create a cohesive and engaging digital experience across website and communications platforms.


AAA faced a multifaceted challenge: its digital presence was not fully aligned with its strategic business goals, and its sub-brands lacked clear definitions and engagement strategies. The organisation needed a comprehensive digital and communications strategy that would not only address these issues but also foster a stronger connection with its target audience, including current and past aviation workers, stakeholders, and the general public.

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Phase 1: Discovery

The project commenced with a robust discovery phase, involving initial meetings with AAA's team to define the project's scope, objectives, and deliverables. Activities included desktop research, stakeholder interviews, and a website workshop aimed at understanding the strategic business objectives and defining the user journey and information architecture (IA) for the website.

Phase 2: Strategies and Design

Based on the insights gained during the discovery phase, we developed comprehensive communication and sub-brand strategies. This phase also included the website's design and user acceptance testing (UAT), ensuring that the new design met the needs of the target audience and aligned with AAA's branding guidelines.

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Phase 3: Create and Build

The third phase focused on creating the campaign concept and associated sub-brand concept alongside the technical development of the website. We created the My Airport Career finder to spark the engagement required and capture the audience attention while guiding them through the potential career options. This included functional documentation, setting up the Drupal CMS, creating content types, and custom modules for site administration, ensuring cross-browser compatibility, and optimising for mobile responsiveness.

Phase 4: Implement and Test

In the final phase, we implemented the campaign and made the website live. This included PR activities, digital marketing campaigns, content creation for social channels, and various brand collateral. Website UAT and training sessions for AAA staff were conducted to ensure a smooth transition and effective content management post-launch.

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The revamped AAA website and integrated communications campaign significantly enhanced the organisation's digital presence. Key outcomes included:
- Improved user engagement and experience on the website.
- Strengthened brand positioning for "My Airport Career" and "My Aviation Career."
- Increased awareness and engagement through targeted communications strategies.
- Positive feedback from internal stakeholders and the target audience.

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Lessons Learned

The project underscored the importance of a thorough discovery phase, flexible and responsive design and implementation strategies, and the value of stakeholder engagement throughout the process. We learned that a cohesive and integrated approach to digital transformation not only enhances user experience but also supports broader business objectives.


The creation of MyAirportCareer through an integrated website and communications campaign demonstrates the power of strategic digital innovation in aligning with business objectives and engaging target audiences. The project's success sets a new benchmark for AAA's digital initiatives and provides a solid foundation for future endeavours in digital and communications strategy.

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