Australian Apprenticeships

A modern & intuitive user journey

Australian Apprenticeships required a new, modern website that met the needs of their organisation and their stakeholders. Their old site was cluttered, content heavy and slow, which made it difficult for users to navigate. Our challenge was to design a new site which was clean, easy to use and had the inbuilt tools the organisation required.

From an initial workshop with the director and Australian Apprenticeships team, we were able to gain a strong understanding of what the organisations required, and developed a strategy to effectively meet those requirements. The strategy, along with careful planning, allowed us to create a site which balanced the needs of the user with the organisation’s goals and desires.

Our strategic approach, and consultative process, resulted in a smooth approval process and a strong design outcome. The client felt their voice was heard, their needs were met, and are very pleased with their website that is both intuitive for their stakeholders, and enhances their business agenda.





Our experience in developing websites within this sector gave us excellent insight into the target audience. We recognised that clear navigation was the most important aspect of the design outcome. We simplified the homepage, minimising content and allowing users to quickly find the right pathway, with little confusion.

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User engagement

Through our engagement process, we discovered users wanted to be quickly directed to content directly relevant to them. We took a storytelling approach, and presented users with large, clickable statements such as ‘I want to be an apprentice’ to begin their journey through the site. This allowed us to cut the content right down and removed most of the menu options, so it was simple, easy and direct.



Mobile first

Data from the previous site revealed that most users accessed the Australian Apprenticeships website on their mobile. This informed our decision to design the new website for mobile first, allowing for an intuitive experience tailored for the most amount of users.

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Creative documentation

As part of the final deliverable, a mini-style guide for the site was created to document the layout, colours and typography so future development would would be able to reference the original visual intent.

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