Canberra Eye Laser

Canberra Eye Laser, a premier eye care institution, embarked on a strategic initiative to enhance its online presence. The project aimed not only to update the technological foundation of their website using Drupal 9.4+ but also to integrate SEO optimization and new functionalities, including an appointment booking system for surgeries. This holistic approach was designed to elevate the user experience, improve search engine visibility, and streamline patient interactions.

Project Scope
UI & UX Development
Drupal website
Non-Government Organisation


The challenge lies in modernising the website to support advanced features and SEO strategies without compromising the user experience or the brand's established online identity. Integrating an intuitive appointment booking feature required careful planning to ensure seamless functionality and accessibility.


Goals and Objectives

Business Goals: To solidify Canberra Eye Laser's online authority through an SEO-optimized website that supports engagement and conversion goals.
User Objectives: To offer an enhanced, user-friendly experience with easy navigation to information and services, including a straightforward appointment booking process for surgeries.

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Process and Strategy

Phase 1: Discovery

Project Briefing and Desktop Research: Initial discussions and comprehensive research laid the groundwork for a project that balanced technical upgrades with user-centric design principles.

Phase 2: Design

Light Design Refresh: The design team updated the website's aesthetics to complement the Drupal framework, focusing on SEO-friendly layouts that maintained the brand's identity and user experience.

Phase 3: Build

Drupal and SEO-Optimized Build: The development phase focused on constructing a robust, SEO-optimized platform on Drupal 9.4+, incorporating best practices for search engine visibility and user engagement.

Phase 4: UAT and Training

Enhanced Training: Training sessions for Canberra Eye Laser's team were expanded to cover the new appointment booking system and SEO content management, empowering them to maintain and update the site effectively.

Phase 5: Go-Live

Website Launch with Appointment Booking: The go-live phase marked the introduction of an optimized, feature-rich website that included an efficient appointment booking system for surgeries, enhancing service accessibility for patients.

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Project Management

The project was meticulously managed to ensure strategic alignment with SEO goals and the successful integration of the appointment booking feature. Regular updates, risk assessments, and stakeholder engagement ensured the project remained on track and aligned with Canberra Eye Laser's objectives.

Results and Impact

The launch of the new Canberra Eye Laser website marked a significant step forward in the institution's digital strategy. The SEO-optimised site has improved search engine rankings, leading to increased visibility and traffic. The appointment booking system has been particularly well-received, offering patients a convenient and accessible way to schedule their surgeries, resulting in higher engagement rates and patient satisfaction.

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Lessons Learned

This project highlighted the importance of integrating SEO from the outset of website development to enhance online visibility effectively. It also demonstrated the value of incorporating functional features, like appointment booking, to directly respond to user needs, thereby improving the overall service experience. 

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Canberra Eye Laser's project serves as a showcase for the successful integration of advanced web technologies and SEO strategies to enhance brand presence and user engagement. By focusing on both the technological and functional aspects of the website, Canberra Eye Laser has set a new standard for excellence in digital healthcare services.

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