Canberra Glassworks

Glassworks re‑engineered

The Canberra Glassworks is a dedicated establishment for glass artists, with state-of-the-art equipment. It offers visitors the opportunity to interact with and learn about glass making.

When the Canberra Glassworks engaged CRE8IVE to redevelop their website, it was obvious their web presence did not represent who and what they are. The content was confusing and written from an internal perspective, making it hard for varied users to imagine the kind of experience they would have when they visit.







We held workshops with key stakeholders, so we could clearly define the user groups and audiences and understand the different roles the website needed to play.

Can Glassworks 1
Can Glassworks 3


Audit & user pathways

We performed a content audit of the existing site so we could make the new site more accessible for its audiences. This led us into the design process where we segmented the content into three main areas, offering clear pathways for each user to access the information they came for and explore the site beyond this.

Can Glassworks 2


Design asthetics

In our aim to create a simple but pleasing design, we integrated the Eventbrite API, giving user a seamless experience from event enquiry to booking. We designed the navigation, so the user is always aware of where they are in the site and made space for the beautiful imagery to support the content.

Can Glassworks 4



Site performance improvements were needed including the user experience across different devices. Canberra Glassworks had some clear organisation goals, so the job was to create a new website that achieved these goals across platforms.

Can Glassworks 5


Administrator experience

The website was built with the administrators in mind. Updating content is quick and easy, and all content is consistent to fit within the template. The outcome was a very happy client and a website that caters for all user experiences.

Can Glassworks 7