Digital Canberra Challenge

A brand language for Geeks and Government

CRE8IVE worked with the eGovernment Cluster within NICTA, on the creation of a visual design and communication strategy for a new ACT Government innovator collaboration program called the 'Digital Canberra Challenge'.

The eGov Cluster required a brand that strongly engaged with ACT public servants and the innovator community, to convey creative thinking, innovative solutions and, from a practical perspective, be easily updatable across all stages of the competition.

From the call for challenges to the presentation of 3D printed trophies, the DCC brand successfully provided a visual communication language that was modern, engaging and fun, and was rolled out across a website, and a range of marketing collateral.


Mobile first

A comprehensive mobile responsive website was created to provide all information quickly and simply when on the move and targeted directly at intended users.



Visual language

The DCC brand is strongly underpinned by a suite of icons design to give life to all aspects of the challenge from ideas to simple navigation and communication elements. It allowed us to keep the design fresh as the program evolved.



Electronic communication

The challenge has been primarily marketed through digital channels such as electronic direct mail, Government intranets and social distribution channels.