Lifeline Canberra

Seek help. Find hope.

Lifeline Canberra plays a crucial role in the Canberra community, supporting people in crisis and saving the lives of those experiencing thoughts of suicide. They approached us, seeking a new website to underpin their strategic organisational goals into the future. This included accepting online donations, streamlining their workplace training services and communicating to the community more effectively; essentially digitising their organisation.

Digital isn't just about your website, it's intrinsically linked with your whole of business strategy. As part of the discovery for the website, we conducted a digital business audit by looking through Lifeline Canberra's current systems and processes to see where we could develop solutions to make their work easier. These included the payment systems, accounting integration and communication platforms.

Short-term, we have given Lifeline Canberra a clean new website, but more than that we've provided digital tools to make their organisation more effective. Long-term, we have implemented a robust tracking and analysis strategy, allowing them to make informed decisions about their digital presence and make adjustments into the future.


The new website was built in Wordpress. We used analytic insights to surface the most relevant content, so their communication is always current. A clever tracking and analysis strategy provides insights into maintenance and adjustments for the site.

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The new navigation of the website is clear and concise. It gives weight to their workplace training service, and allows people to see how to volunteer, donate and seek support immediately.

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We worked to determine the best way to convey the message on a digital platform, using icons, infographics and smaller blocks of text. The design is clean, simple and accessible for a wide audience.

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At the heart of Lifeline Canberra, it’s all about people. At every touchpoint we carefully considered how to keep the website feeling human and maintaining a tone of connection, hope and optimism. We provided a platform for Lifeline to tell positive stories that reinforced success.

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The new website is mobile friendly, fully responsive and optimised for devices so anyone who accessing the Lifeline Canberra website can navigate seamlessly through the content.

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