Nuvento - Drupal 9 Website

The Nuvento Drupal 9 project aimed to develop a high-performance, fully responsive website compliant with WCAG 2.1 AA standards. Leveraging Drupal 9's robust CMS capabilities, our objective was to create a digital platform that not only meets but exceeds the client's expectations in terms of usability, accessibility, and overall user experience.

Project Scope
UI & UX Development
Drupal website
Non-Government Organisation


The primary challenges involved:
- Adhering to strict accessibility standards.
- Ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices and browsers.
- Integrating a variety of content types and custom blocks with dynamic functionalities.


Goals and Objectives

- Accessibility and Performance: Achieve a Lighthouse score of 90% and above, ensuring the site is accessible to all users.
- Responsive Design: Ensure the website's design and functionality are fully responsive across all devices and screen sizes.
- User Engagement: Create an intuitive, engaging user interface that encourages interaction and increases user engagement.


Strategy and Approach

Research and Discovery

Our team conducted extensive research, including user research and competitive analysis, to understand the client's industry landscape. We reviewed the approved designs and information architecture, ensuring our approach aligned with the project's goals.

Solution Design

•    Front-end/UI: Utilized CSS, JS, JQuery, and HTML 5 for front-end development, focusing on creating a visually appealing and accessible user interface.
•    Back-end: PHP was chosen for back-end development, supporting a robust and scalable website architecture.
•    Compliance: Focused on WCAG 2.1 AA standards, utilizing Google's Lighthouse tool for ongoing performance and accessibility audits.



Development Process

The project was executed using agile methodologies, with continuous collaboration between the development team, stakeholders, and the client. Regular sprints and iterative feedback ensured the project stayed on track and aligned with the client's vision.

Features and Functionality

•    Content Management: Leveraged Drupal core modules to support a variety of content types, including articles, landing pages, and custom blocks.
•    Responsive Design: Ensured the site was fully responsive, with a mobile-first approach to design and functionality.
•    Custom Blocks: Developed custom blocks for dynamic content display, including accordion blocks, two-column text/features, and full-width images.


Results and Impact

•    Accessibility Compliance: Achieved a Lighthouse accessibility score of over 90%, ensuring the site met WCAG 2.1 AA standards.
•    User Engagement: Post-launch metrics indicated a significant increase in user engagement, with lower bounce rates and higher session durations.
•    Client Satisfaction: The client expressed high satisfaction with the site's performance, usability, and the seamless integration of content types and custom functionalities.

Lessons Learned

The project highlighted the importance of thorough research and planning in achieving accessibility and performance goals. It also emphasised the value of agile methodologies in facilitating effective communication and collaboration among all project stakeholders.



The Nuvento Drupal 9 website project stands as a testament to the power of strategic planning, innovative design, and technical excellence. By focusing on user experience, accessibility, and responsive design, we delivered a digital platform that not only meets but exceeds client expectations, setting a new standard for future projects.