Charting the uncharted

Having worked with TEDxCanberra for a number of years, they came back to us to work on their 2014 event with the theme of ‘uncharted’ already chosen. Our approach to creating the branding and collateral for the event was to take this theme and make it interactive and participatory for the attendees.

By having a method for people to express their opinions, reactions and ideas, we were able to create a record of their experiences throughout the day – effectively allowing attendee’s to ’chart the uncharted’.

Each attendee was given a unique identifier that allowed them to digitally record their experiences. This data was then visualised in real-time to create a virtual map of the day. Using a visual language reminiscent of star charts and constellations, this map presented connections and relationships between attendees and their thoughts and opinions.




An unique profile artwork was procedurally generated for every attendee.

TEDxCanberra 2




Each profile comprises four circles, with the position, size and colour determined by an algorithm using attendee registration data. The profile artwork is like a unique fingerprint for each individual.

TEDxCanberra 3




An online app allowed attendees to record their thoughts and opinions throughout the day.

TEDxCanberra 6




Experiences throughout the day were compiled in a data visualisation charting the days events.

TEDxCanberra 7
TEDxCanberra 8
TEDxCanberra 1
TEDxCanberra 5
TEDxCanberra 4
TEDxCanberra 3