University of Canberra

Forward Thinking for UC

The University of Canberra (UC) is ranked among the top 100 young universities in the world. It offers students the chance to gain an education that balances practical skills with tertiary learning. Being a young university means they can think differently and explore innovative ways to learn.

UC already had a vision for their new marketing campaign based on their strategic plan, but they required an agency to help them see it through to fruition. We won the competitive pitch process to provide a fresh take on their campaign assets.

The campaign focus was on ‘The Future’ and ‘Canberra,’ offering a unique selling point. We took their direction and used it to create a compelling story that celebrates the advantages of being a young university that is creating an ambitious future.

The client vocalised how much they appreciated how we delivered the campaign for them. They really enjoyed us helping them to explore their new brand and the variety and choice it offers them. Working directly with their design team meant the concepts were ready to finalise quickly.




Our messaging puts students in the centre, giving them a vision of themselves at the University of Canberra and into their new careers. The underlying brand idea was ‘your future looks great from here.’ By conveying an emotional hook and speaking to and about the students, we could create a framework with consistent messaging and design that unified their message.

UC 2



The visual language took the UC communication team’s assets and extended their application. This included making 3D versions of solid shapes for a photoshoot with UC students. The imagery provides a playful sense of confidence, curiosity and future thinking.

UC 7



The campaign relied on strong secondary messaging with an ambitious and aspirational tone, targeting different audiences. As locals, we know Canberra has a lot to offer students. We compiled the stories of Canberra’s advantages, from natural surrounds to high employment rates, to show off the city’s assets.

UC 4





This was all compiled into a tool kit of assets and messaging for the communication team at UC to take and make their own. Now they have everything they need to set their own vision for the future.

UC 9