Whitlam brand & launch campaign

Stories and experiences of home

The Suburban Land Agency (SLA) looked to CRE8IVE to develop a distinctive look and feel for a new Canberra suburb named Whitlam. The brand and positioning needed to stand-out in a crowded market and be able to appeal to a large range of potential buyers.

Building a brand around something that hasn't been built yet requires us to lean heavily on aspiration and imagination, leading us to the 'Feels like…' messaging. The vibrant and colourful visuals complement the messaging and build excitement about new ideas, new begnining and ultimately a new community.

With the first release of 80 blocks selling out, this new suburb is fast becoming Canberra's most sought-after location.

In a few words

The Whitlam brand carries a familiar sentiment that we can all relate to, and apply our own layer of meaning to. The tagline ‘Feels like home’ was developed to reinforce the idea that Whitlam is a place to call home.


The Whitlam visual style breaks with category clichés, using bold iconography and a striking colour palette that instantly stands out amongst competitors. The brand uses visuals of homely objects and relatable activities to tell a story of what makes us feel at home.


Activation sensation

To launch Whitlam, CRE8IVE conceptualised and executed a premium outdoor movie night on the lawns of Old Parliament House. The event was free, but entry was via a competition that was advertised across Canberra FM radio and a strategic social media campaign. The launch event was highly successful in attracting attention, with unprecedented organic media attention and entry numbers that surpassed all expectation.



As part of building the brand we developed short promotional stories made specifically to highlight the wonderful spirit of Canberra. With Whitlam’s tagline strongly represented throughout the campaign’s collateral, these stories were a perfect addition to the promotional suite. Each of the six mini documentaries celebrated a unique Canberran’s contribution to the broader community.