Revitalising Willemsen's Digital Presence

In a significant move to enhance its digital footprint, Willemsen embarked on a collaboration with CRE8IVE, a premier digital agency, to undertake a comprehensive overhaul of its website. The project's ambition was to elevate Willemsen's online presence, refine user experience, and offer a seamless showcase of properties. A critical decision in this journey was the selection of Drupal as the development platform, renowned for its flexibility and robustness, to meet the complex needs of Willemsen's digital strategy.

Project Scope
Brand Strategy
Brand Identity
Non-Government Organisation

The challenge

The project presented several challenges, including aligning with the client's expectations, identifying the most effective content representation, and integrating features that mirrored the finesse and cutting-edge qualities of Willemsen's architectural designs. Addressing these challenges was paramount to delivering a product that not only met but exceeded Willemsen's aspirations.

The Process

The project began with a commencement meeting to set the tone, align on the scope, and finalize the timeline. CRE8IVE then conducted a content audit and design workshop, reviewing Willemsen's content and competitor sites to identify improvements. The content strategy included a gallery, animations, and a design reflecting Willemsen's architectural elegance. CRE8IVE developed the site architecture using Drupal, iterating with Willemsen to refine concepts and integrate a property microsites database. The website build focused on compatibility, accessibility, and mobile responsiveness. Content development refreshed existing materials and added new copy and imagery, with professional photography enhancing appeal. The project included thorough user acceptance testing (UAT) and training for Willemsen's team. The site was launched successfully, significantly enhancing Willemsen's online presence, guided by a dedicated CRE8IVE project manager ensuring seamless collaboration and communication.




The collaboration between Willemsen and CRE8IVE, underscored by the strategic choice of Drupal, resulted in a dynamic, engaging website that not only improves user experience but also significantly enhances Willemsen's digital presence. This case study serves as a testament to the impact of meticulous planning, collaborative effort, and the powerful capabilities of Drupal in transforming digital identities.

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